Montreal – Canada – August 4th, 2015. Mortier Pilon today unveils its newest creation: a line of innovative DIY products with a focus on home canning. Company President Jonathan Coutu explains the thinking behind the new range.

“Making one’s own preserves and jams allows for a reconnection with so many things that are in direct relation with our actual eating habits; seasonal produce, of course, but also traditional ways of preserving food for those cold winter months.”

At its core, home canning is a great, easy way to have year-long access to your own delicious, nutrient-packed produce without having to rely on the food industry. “That sense of independence is definitely something we wanted the new line to incorporate”, Coutu says. “We wanted to create products that are as versatile as they are self-sufficient.”

Another one of the innovations of the range is its new take on the Mason-style jar, which includes a rewritable label to identify each batch. Coutu elaborates: “simply put, the jars are our contemporary take on a classic. We streamlined the original design to have better ergonomics, and it’s definitely a more modern look. At the same time, we were also incredibly focused on durability and functionality, and so this jar is just as sturdy and versatile as the original.”

The range consists of three products for now, the pivotal one being a home canning set, which comes complete with four jars, a canning rack—to safely remove the jars from boiling water—, a canning funnel and a recipe booklet. The Mortier Pilon jars will be available to purchase on their own as well, in both a 500-ml and a 1-L format. Each jar comes with one of six collectible lids, which will also be available separately to buy and collect.

The home canning set retails at $/£/€ 29.95, while the jars will sell for $/£/€ 5.95 each.

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