Montreal – Canada – January 22nd, 2016. Fermentation is the next food revolution and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be a part of it. In this spirit, we are pleased to announce the launch of Mortier Pilon®, a brand of high-end fermentation glassware designed to make at-home fermentation more accessible than ever.

Mortier Pilon® strives to create accessible home fermentation products aimed at the health-conscious consumer. The name, which literally means mortar and pestle in French, was inspired by the spirit of tradition and focus on DIY that define the brand.

Fermented foods are cheap and delicious. They help us better absorb essential nutrients, restore balance to our intestinal flora and stimulate our immune system. To boot, they’re incredibly easy to make at home! Mortier Pilon® draws inspiration from ancient traditions to create glassware and recipes that provide all these benefits, while helping us build culinary self-reliance and regain control of our pantry.

The new brand already boasts no less than three distinct product ranges, with each one focusing on one traditional technique. The Fermentation range includes DIY kits to make your own kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles and more at home, while the Canning range has everything you need to start making your own preserves and jams, including our revolutionary take on the classic Mason jar. Lastly, the Kombucha range is perfect for those wishing to start home-brewing deliciously fizzy, probiotic-packed kombucha!

Mortier Pilon® hopes to spark nothing less than a home kitchen revolution, and as such, each product range had to be designed with the first-time user in mind. Each kit comes with a recipe booklet, and the Mason jars and fermentation crocks, which are a third of both the weight and price of traditional ones, were engineered to be ergonomic, versatile, and durable enough to be passed on to the next generation—along, no doubt, with an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

The Fermentation and Kombucha products retail starting at $29.95/£29.95/€29.95, while the Canning range starts at $6.95/£6.95/€6.95. All are available online starting today at

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