Montreal – Canada – January 16th, 2018. The Montreal-based product development company is proud to introduce The World’s Cleanest Soap!

The global consumption of cleaning products has a colossal impact on our ecosystem. As well as the few hundred million plastic bottles that ultimately end up in land lls, the carbon cost of transporting products made of 90% water is downright staggering.

To put it in perspective, if each American household replaced their petroleum-based plastic dish soap bottles with a glass bottle of Mortier Pilon Natural Dish Soap, the world would save 86 barrels of petrol!

The World’s Cleanest Soap by Mortier Pilon will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and household cleaning costs while adding a touch of modern design to your kitchen.

The concept is simple: we’ve developed a line of 4 elegant reusable glass bottles tailored to the di erent cleaning products you use on a daily basis. To make it all the more eco-friendly, our laboratory developed water-soluble capsules of all-natural, concentrated soap.

Simply drop a pod in the bottle, add water, and start cleaning!

The product line includes a hand soap, a dish soap, and an all-purpose spray cleaner, as well as reusable antibacterial cleaning wipes.

Each product is priced aggressively at 9,95€. When you consider the many liters of soap produced by the included 5 re ll pods, this is by far the lowest market price for a natural cleaning product. The soap re ll pods are sold separately for 5,95€ for 10.

Take a look at our catalog or contact us at for more information.

MMTUM is a team of young innovators fueled by Montreal’s amazing creative energy. We strive to create smart, beautifully designed products with storytelling. Now with four inspiration-driven, DIY- focused brands, Molecule-R, Mortier Pilon®, Oleum Vera and Tea It Yourself, we thrive more than ever on creating products with momentum.


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