Montreal – Canada – January 16th, 2018. Founded in 2009, Mmtum is a Montreal-based product design and manufacturing team who has succeeded in internationally developing four successful brands in both mass retailers and high-end specialty stores.

There’s been a lot of controversy about the growing consumption of energy drinks. Ca eine in itself is generally considered safe, but energy drinks often consist of a host of other arti cial stimulants, which are not well understood due to a lack of research. There is clearly a need for a healthy alternative.

The TIY line of CLEAN ENERGY lls this need by carefully selecting organic ingredients with naturally occurring ca eine. Guarana, Maca and Ashwagandha are the main ingredients included in TIY energy mixes to create a natural mental and physical boost!

Simply infuse the mixture in hot water, let chill and enjoy!

The TIY energy herbal infusion line includes four avours: Citrus, Ginger, Berry and Mint.

Offered at an aggressive MSRP of $ / € / £ 5.99, one can make 40 cups of organic energy beverage making this an incredible value!

MMTUM is a team of young innovators fueled by Montreal’s amazing creative energy. We strive to create smart, beautifully designed products with storytelling. Now with four inspiration-driven, DIY- focused brands, Molecule-R, Mortier Pilon®, Oleum Vera and Tea It Yourself, we thrive more than ever on creating products with momentum.


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