Montreal—Canada—January 23rd, 2015. MOLECULE-R Flavors® today unveils its newest range of DIY kits: the Vegan TEXTURIZE-R™ line. “The line”, company President Jonathan Coutu explains, “consists of three kits: Vegan NOODLE-R™, Vegan PEARL-R™, and Vegan FOAM-R™. Each kit comes with everything you need to give one molecular gastronomy technique a try.”

Since its very beginnings, the company’s motto has been “play with your food”. With this new line, MOLECULE-R Flavors® is taking the phrase to the next level: instructions have been streamlined, tools have been optimized, and the foodie market was surveyed to figure out exactly what was keeping those who were not yet familiar with the MOLECULE-R® products from giving molecular gastronomy a try. The result? A beautifully packaged, cleverly designed, super affordable line of 100% vegan, all-inclusive kits that allow one to play with shapes and textures and turn any liquid into a noodle, a pearl or a foam.

Anyone familiar with the MOLECULE-R® kits will know that the company’s favorite way to reach out to its audience has always been to appeal to its sense of playfulness. But the company is also concerned with democratization: with the TEXTURIZE-R™ line, Coutu hopes to make modernist cooking techniques such as gelification and emulsification more accessible than ever. Case in point: the kits retail at $14.95/£14.95/€14.95 each, making them the company’s most affordable line to date.

Each TEXTURIZE-R™ kit comes with:

  • five pre-measured sachets of one natural, plant-based food additive
  • the user-friendly tools needed to start playing
  • one booklet featuring three original recipes created and tested by MOLECULE-R Flavors®

The Vegan TEXTURIZE-R™ kits are available now!

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