Montreal – Canada – January 16th, 2018. Founded in 2009, Mmtum is a Montreal-based product design and manufacturing team who has succeeded in internationally developing four successful brands in both mass retailers and high-end specialty stores.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new concept of alternative nut milks to blend yourself! Simply add water to the Blend Up line of nut and grain organic mixes, blend and enjoy a liter of nutritious dairy-free beverage! The range is certi ed 100% organic, is gluten- free and does not contain any food additives or added avors.

Shocking fact: It is not rare to buy almond or cashew milk that does not even contain the equivalent of one single nut! Many would be astonished to learn that what they are buying is simply water with arti cial nut avors which is thickened and preserved with dozens of industrial food additives.

The Blend Up nut and grain mixes allow you to take back control by giving you full visibility of the ingredients you consume. The mixes include tons of real nuts for a phenomenal protein content, oats and chia seeds for a thick and smooth texture, as well as power food ingredients such as ax seeds, quinoa and sun ower seeds for a ber boost that is packed with vitamins and omega-3!

To facilitate the customers’ understanding of the Blend Up concept, the carefully selected ingredients are held in a glass container mimicking an antique milk bottle and the product label has been intentionally designed to mirror the look of the alternative milk industry offerings.

The line includes 8 well-balanced nut and grain mixes: 4 unsweetened options (Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Coconut Milk and Hemp Milk) and 4 decadent but healthy options (Chocolate Hazelnut Milk, Macadamia Vanilla Milk, Berries & Nuts Milk and Maple Pecan Milk.)

O ered at an aggressive MSRP of only $3.99, the line is a fabulous value for such a nutrient- packed organic product! Take a look at our catalog or contact us at for more information.

MMTUM is a team of young innovators fueled by Montreal’s amazing creative energy. We strive to create smart, beautifully designed products with storytelling. Now with four inspiration-driven, DIY- focused brands, Molecule-R, Mortier Pilon®, Oleum Vera and Tea It Yourself, we thrive more than ever on creating products with momentum.


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