At MMTUM, we believe in democratizing DIY, the power of smart design, and the impact of a beautifully conceived, incredibly fun product. We believe in telling stories, and we strive to do so in a way that’s both innovative and accessible. We believe the consumer product revolution is coming, and we intend to be a part of it.


the idea that started it all

When Jonathan and Jérôme set out to build MMTUM (known as Molecule-R from 2009 to 2015), they knew they wanted to create something entirely new: a company dedicated to imagining, engineering and selling products as innovative as they are accessible. For the first few years, they focused on DIY kits for foodies looking to experience molecular gastronomy in their home kitchen. In 2015, Molecule-R became MMTUM, a multi-brand company with an expanding catalog of innovation-driven brands. Mortier Pilon, a high-quality fermentation glassware brand, is scheduled to launch this spring, while Oleum Vera, which empowers consumers to make their own natural bodycare products from fresh and organic ingredients, will premiere at the end of this year.