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We use research and strategy to create products with powerful values


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We use research and strategy to create products with powerful values

MMTUM has been designing, engineering and manufacturing innovations for the giftware industry since 2009.

Now with a catalog of four inspiration-driven, DIY-focused brands: Molecule-R, Mortier Pilon, Oleum Vera, and Tea it Yourself, the Montreal-based company thrives more than ever on creating niche products with momentum.

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01. Molecule-R

Molecular Gastronomy at Home

Molecule-R is MMTUM’s first-ever brand, launched in 2009. With it, we aim to make a wide range of products and applications taken from the modernist cooking world accessible to amateur and professional cooks alike.  

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02. Mortier Pilon

Healthy and Eco-Friendly Trends

Mortier Pilon strives to create. The name, which literally means mortar and pestle in French, was inspired by the spirit of tradition and focus on DIY that define the brand.

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03. Oleum Vera

Do-it-Yourself Organic Beauty

Oleum Vera takes inspiration from bountiful nature to create products that empower consumers to reclaim their body care routine, using fresh ingredients from their pantry and fridge, and pure, organic butters and oils.

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04. Tea it Yourself

Homemade Tea Blending

Tea it Yourself is an all-organic brand of organic loose-leaf tea products that allow consumers to blend their own custom infusions. Containing premium teas and botanical ingredients, these products take creativity to new delicious heights!

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